Door onze website gebruiken, gaat u akkoord met gebruiksvoorwaarden en het privacybeleid van Spinner Mad, praktijken waaronder met betrekking tot persoonlijke gegevens van Spinner Mad.

Purpose Of This Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how Spinner MAD Toys Manufactory Limited (“Spinner MAD”, “we”, “our” or “us”) collects, uses, handles and stores personal data. Spinner MAD appreciates your interest in our products and your visit to our website. Spinner MAD respects the privacy rights of users to our websites and treats all the data with the utmost care and security. To us it is important that you feel comfortable in our websites, therefore we will completely confidential.

Please read this policy carefully before using the Apple App Store® and Google Play ™ Store. By accessing our websites or websites, you are more than likely to agree and agree to the terms and conditions. By continuing to use our websites or applications following the terms of your agreement.

Purpose Collection Of Personal Data

You can use our websites or our website. Google Analytics, such as: – Google Analytics, such as:

your location (country, city)
date and time of access
time and frequency of visits
your browser like
your Service provider
your browser settings
your screen resolution
your operating system used Including brands of mobile devices
no. of pageviews, unique page views and the last page you visited
your Transferred data volume and the access status (file not found Transferred gold, etc.) your IP address  

We need this data in order to enable your site and make sure the site is optimally displayed in your browser. We use the IP address only for the duration of your visit. The data is then stored in anonymous form for logging purposes. 

Spinner MAD promotions and new products, Spinner MAD promotional brochures or materials, when you would like to contact us Spinner MAD.

Full Name
Email Address
Shipping Address (Optional UNLESS a purchase order has-been Placed)
Billing Address (Optional UNLESS a purchase order has-been Placed)
Number of Children (Optional)

If you give us personal data in order to receive information from us, for instance catalogs or general information regarding Spinner MAD products, we will collect and store your information. This information enables us to fulfill your information request. If you review or download information from our websites, we visit. That information is helpful, among other things, to provide you with information and information. The stored information will be used to improve the use of their personal data. The use of the following is one of the following:

for your account, administration of your membership accounts and records.
for the supply and purchase of any services which Spinner may require, from time to time;
for Spinner MAD and / or through other social media platforms; 
• for conducting research to improve your satisfaction of needs to our websites;
• for unique services and products;
• for notifying you of all up-to-date news to our websites, for instance, promotions, special offers or new products;
• for performing statistical analysis of your behavior and characteristics in the form of measurements and the use of the various areas of our websites; for the preparation of information on the number of visitors to our websites; for communicating with you by the means available for your investigations; for complying with any statutory or regulatory requirements; and for any other incidental or other information in the context of the use of personal data or the use of a personal data collector.  

Please note that you are not responsible for this information, except for those expressly stated in this policy.

With Whom Does Spinner MAD Share Your Personal Data?

Spinner MAD and its affiliated companies, and third party agents and service providers. The agents and providers have been chosen and commissioned in writing. The agents and providers are bound by us. We hope you will not be disappointed in this article and will be happy to help you. Spinner MAD. Spinner MAD Spinner MAD, in its good faith belief, Spinner MAD

Spinner MAD may be shared with its affiliates and subsidiaries and may be stored in the US, Hong Kong or any other country in which Spinner MAD or its affiliates or subsidiaries You may also be interested in personal data and using your website. Your personal data may be transferred to your local jurisdiction for the above reasons. Subject to applicable privacy law, we will take steps to ensure that your privacy is protected in your local jurisdiction.

Communications With Our Websites Gold Our Apps

If you choose to provide Spinner MAD for your personal data, for instance, name, address and e-mail address personal data in a database and may be used by the affiliated companies. You are prohibited from posting or transmitting any commercial, unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, pornographic, gold profane material or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, or otherwise violate any law.


Personal data held by Spinner Companies on your websites will be kept confidential. Any questions, unsolicited comments, suggestions, ideas, submissions or information other than personal data sent to our websites or our Apps, or any part of the website or the Apps by users will be considered voluntarily provided to Spinner MAD on a non confidential and non-proprietary basis. Spinner MAD reserves the rights to use, reproduce, disclose, publish, and / or distribute such data freely and freely.

Data Security

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data, it is necessary to prevent the use of personal data, the processing, destruction, intentional manipulation or other use of the personal data. and taken all steps to make it happen. Our websites have firewalls in place, which should protect you from accidental or unauthorized access. When using our website, your personal data is encrypted using third-party SSL. Our security measures are being improved in line with the latest developments. Nevertheless, complete confidentiality and security is not yet possible over the internet, and privacy can not be assured in your communications to us. You are recommended to prevent unauthorized access to your password. Ensure you log out of your account when using a shared computer.

Retention Of Personal Data

Your personal data will be required to comply with the requirements of the law. Your personal data will be kept in the proper place and will be destroyed.

Use Of Cookies And / Or Other Tracking Technologies

Cookies are small bits of information that can be retrieved by our websites. Cookies give Spinner what you visited, what you looked at and how long you stayed. We use cookies to improve your website. By continuing to browse our websites you consent to the use of cookies. Spinner MAD do not know any information about cookies, nor does Spinner MAD link or combine information collected through cookies to any personal data. If you do not want to receive cookies, or if you want to be notified, you can do so by changing the setting on your browser itself. You can also block or delete individual cookies.

We use third party website analytic services, including Google Analytics, to gather information about how to use your websites, and to facilitate website users. For example, we will know how many users access a specific page and which links they clicked on. We may use this information to understand and optimize our websites and to provide you with information about your services and services. To find out more about Google Analytics please visit: . You can prevent the collection of data by the following link: .

Other Websites

In order to anticipate your needs, they may be useful to third parties. All such websites are independent from websites. We have no control over the content of such other websites or their privacy policies or compliance with the law. You should therefore be fully aware of the terms of such agreements, which do not include endorsement, approval, or association with Spinner MAD. We have no control over personal data which is submitted to these other websites. You should remain alert when you leave your websites, and read the privacy policy of other websites.

If you interact with us on social media platforms, for instance if you post on our timeline or “Like ‘our Facebook Page, we can exchange with you and send you messages via these platforms. We will exchange with you the social media platform’s rules but we are not responsible for managing the platform. We are not responsible for what we are talking about on our social media accounts. You may be interested in Facebook, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, International, English Facebook is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus guarantees compliance with European data protection legislation 


Collection And Use Of Children’s Personal Information

Children under the age of 13 should not provide personal data on the Internet. Spinner MAD realizes that some young children may be able to understand some of the information contained in our websites or our Apps. Parents and children under the age of 13 can be more of a partner than you can. asked to provide. Spinner MAD asks all members who wish to provide data to Spinner MAD for their birthdates. If a member indicates that they are less than 13 years old, parental consent is needed before they can provide. Spinner MAD may collect and store personal data about children under 13 if it is submitted in connection with the parent’s verifiable consent. Spinner MAD will only collect such data if it is voluntarily submitted and to the extent that data is reasonably necessary to participate in our websites.


This Policy may be amended from time to time. Spinner MAD reserves the right to delete, suspend or edit all information on our websites at any time without advance notice at its absolute discretion. You are here to check your websites for any other reviews and / or changes that may be made to you. Users are responsible for making their own assessments of information in our websites.

Applicable Law

We are committed to the privacy of individuals with respect to personal data. Spinner MAD shall at its best endeavors to maintain our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and all applicable laws of any other jurisdiction.

Withdrawal Of Consent And Data Access And / Or Right Correction 

If you have provided Spinner MAD to keep this information up, you can submit this article , transfer and discontinuance

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